Non-contact inline profile measurement of tread strips (thickness <1mm to 18mm)

tire inspection


The profilometer of the thicknessCONTROL.TTP series accurately measures the thickness profile of tire tread or side walls during the extrusion process and enable therefore an efficient control during production as well as a fully recorded quality control.


  • Optimizing the material use and quality
  • Fast controlling during warm up or product change due to adaptive traversing speed and high-dynamically measurement
  • No consequential costs due to isotopes or X-rays
  • Wear-free measurements instead of half time of radiometric tests
  • Easy integration to already existing lines
  • Customer-specific adjustable interface

Material parameters:

  • Material width to 2,000mm
  • Strip width from 5mm to 550mm
  • Up to 6 single strips
  • Material feed up to 60m/min

The systems of the TTP family are equipped with optical sensors and have an application specific operators┬┤ frontend which provides all necessary data regarding the organization of the extrusion process of running surfaces and side walls. Systems of the RTP series can be applied as low-cost solutions.