Thickness profile measurement in calender and roller-head systems directly at the calender roll


The thicknessCONTROL TCP 8303.ET measuring system accepts the challenge of profile thickness measurements in calender rolls where it solves complex tasks in harsh environments while providing the data required to optimize the production process. Similar to the thicknessCONTROL TCP 7303.ET, the measuring principle of the system is based on the combination of a laser triangulation sensor and an eddy current sensor.


  • Continuous monitoring and readjustment of the measuring head position using multiple sensors
  • Complete calender monitoring: 2x TCP8303.ET and 1x thicknessCONTROL TCP 8301.CT or TCP 8301.CLLT
  • Software package allows for 3 measuring systems to be easily operated simultaneously

Material parameters:

Measuring widths from 1400mm to 2200mm